Jonny Sender - Zhivago Zhivago

by Codek Records

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In Flagranti (Sasa and Alex) were coming into Geneva, spinning at La Graviere where I was regularly Djing. We hadn’t seen each other since New York. I’d spent a few life times there. I’d been out of my home town, living in France, next to Geneva for four years. Over dinner, Sasa asked me to play bass on a few tracks remembering my time in Konk. It turned into In Flagranti’s “Hi Pitch”. Sasa and Alex reunited some good New York friends, Sal P. (Liquid Liquid), Justin Strauss (Whatever Whatever), In Flagranti and myself. So after our collaboration, they asked me to do a new record for Codek. I’d been DJing at underground spots in Geneva and doing some gigs in Paris and Zurich and I was ready to make some new tracks. Zhivago Zhivago was inspired by hearing deep house and techno tracks where phrasing that doesn’t resolve after 8 bars. That started the vibe, and then I took it down to a more “Cosmic” tempo. My friend Elhadj Fall is on vocals. We worked together at a small spot on Avenue C in the East Village called Baraza, where I’d spin Salsa, Soca and disco breaks. Elhadj is a wicked Reggae DJ who also played at Baraza. I asked him to do an MC style party rap like Dr. Perri Johnson on Let’s Start the Dance Again (Bohannon) but in Wolof, his language from Senegal. Zhivago Zhivago/Khidja Dub (Emotional Especial) Two guys from Bucharest who turn out inspired psychedelic tracks, melding electronics sounds of east and west. Their remix expertly sears in the flavor like a delicious one minute steak served in pita with tahini and harissa.Khidja were the perfect choice to remix Zhivago Zhivago and their mix doesn’t disappoint! Disco Touch – The vinyl version emerged out of re­working the original and combining elements from my other mixes. Moving around the 8 bar loop—listening to it on repeat over and over, I loved the way it kept cutting off the strings. More mixes coming on digital. Disco Touch Siren Mix is produced by Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area, Startree) and Dennis Kane (Disques Sinthomme, Ghost Town). They birthed Siren out of residencies at NYC’s storied night­spot APT, and the parties they produced together in APT’s wake. Their unique way of playing for party people comes through in their remix for of Disco Touch. It’s another reunion as I’ve known Dennis since his days at A1 records. The Codek collaboration brought together two key points in my musical life . The early 1980s when I was playing bass in Konk and wandered into my first DJ residency at the infamous Pyramid Cocktail Lounge on Avenue A. And the 1990s, when I first connected with Sasa and Alex downtown. By then, I was spinning up to four nights a week, producing music on Jungle Sounds Records—always hanging around at Dancetracks and A1 Records and writing music for television. Having spent the 1980s always out—often all night—dancing to Larry Levan—to Mudd Club DJs—Bambaataa and Jazzy Jay at Club Negril, I moved into the ‘90s holding down DJ gigs that reflected the music I loved. Spinning AC DC with Beenie Man, backed up against Taana Gardner for Pre­Williamsburg scene makers—SFX soaked Dancehall 7”s, along side NY party­starter Hip Hop joints, three years running on Sunday nights at Nell’s. And all the time, keeping the House “feeling” going strong with gigs playing House and classics in that New York tradition. Parties like House Nation which led to starting a party called Aquabooty. Music was never about a genre for me, it’s about the groove. Jonny Sender – Zhivago Zhivago / Disco Touch is out through Codek Records on 19th April on limited 12″ (CRE.048) and download.


released April 20, 2016



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