In Flagranti feat. Craig Yamey - Double Talk

by Codek Records

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In Flagranti – Double Talk Disco’s decade long second wind has been one of 21st century dance music’s more curious events. Production teams such as In Flagranti have brought the sound to a new generation, injecting fresh ideas into a classic format. New single ‘Double Talk’ is out today, and it’s prime In Flagranti fare – expect gutsy vocals, squelching synths and a groove that ripples down your spine. Andy Butler is a noted disco advocate, amassing a sizeable collection of black wax in the process. The Hercules & Love Affair lynchpin has stepped in on remix duties, seizing hold of ‘Double Talk’ and giving it the once over. –

In Flagranti – Double Talk In Flagranti’s new release “Double Talk” is a lovely slice of Disco House that Is just gorgeous ! The vocals sound like Grace Jones with the Italo bassline driving the track !! It is being released on The Playground Records. The dark italo remix by Dinamo from Azari and iii is just dynamite and it has to be one of the tracks of the summer ! WOW !!! –

In Flagranti – Double Talk In Flagranti return with their upcoming release, ‘Double Talk’ out on THE PLAYGROUND Records. The pair were once renowned for their tongue in cheek approach to slightly depraved, grimy and totally intoxicating nu-disco; one of their albums was even given the title “Brash and Vulgar” back in 2011. There are many waiting with baited breath to see what they’ll serve up this time around. In keeping with the spontaneous nature of their sound, Alex Gloor and Sasa Crnobrnja have been known to be some what illusive, with their website bio once reading “These guys don’t really have a bio, they are so funny like that. Well anyway, you need to know that these are 2 Swiss cheese Muthafucka’s who re-installed their rumps in NYC in the 80′s, 90′s or whenever (they are sooo old!! heh-heh)”. The duo met in Switzerland in 1991 and since 2002 have been hopping around the globe as In Flagranti, cropping up on labels such as Kitsuné, Gomma and Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound and quickly becoming a unique part of the disco landscape. Double Talk’s nostalgic disco-leaning flourishes are executed with astounding compositional skill; something that In Flagranti have been famed for. With ludicrous amounts of funk and ultra smooth vocal injections, it didn’t take long for a list of exciting artists to take the stems of the track in order to birth some remixes. The first is from Andy Butler, otherwise known as the driving force behind Hercules and Love Affair. A more industrial rendition of the original, Butler is an expert when it comes to knowing when to build and when to drop and he does so with precision. Next up is musician and producer, Wolfram, who puts analogue rhythms at the forefront to create something more early hours orientated than its predecessors. Finally, Dinamo Arari of Azari & III takes it down a few notches, whilst maintaining that late night feel, with his moody, tech-house centric adaptation. –

In Flagranti – Double Talk Dinamo Azari’s remix of In Flagranti’s “Double Talk” is, for the most part, four and a half minutes of bubbling tech-house. With notes of Joy Division fluttering through the mix, the Azari & III namesake keeps it lively and interesting with the undulating synths and and disco-influenced synths. It’s moody and atmospheric, meant exclusively for those late-night sessions, and very easy to get lost in. With further remixes coming from Wolfram and Hercules & Love Affair’s Andy Butler, the full release of “Double Talk” should be more than enough to bolster your DJ sets this summer.


released October 1, 2015



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